How helpful are "spin tracker" balls for serve / receive practice?

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I am considering purchasing a supply of spin tracker balls, and would like feedback from people who have used them.  (These are 2-star practice balls with a wide band of black around the circumference to enable the user to see how the ball is spinning).  I am pretty sure this would help me learn to impart spin on my serves as I could practice alone and easily evaluate whether I am getting the spin I want.  But with regard to service return, I am wondering whether being able to read the spin from the markings on the ball in flight would necessarily help me learn to read the spin from the motion of the server's racket at the time of contact.  How much success do players generally experience in transitioning back to a regular ball after practicing with spin trackers? 

Larry Hodges
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Re: How helpful are "spin tracker" balls for serve / receive ...

I've used such balls to help teach spin to beginners. I don't think it's difficult adjusting to regular balls as long as you don't overdo it.