Two color rule

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Larry, in your blog you said you didn't know why most players have black on their forehand.  It may be the same reason I use black on my forehand.  I like the contrast between the ball and the black surface.  Since more of my serves are forehand I think my odds of making a good serve go up because of the better contrast.

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Re: Two color rule

A lot of times, players will look at their rubber to see where they made contact. It leaves a mark. Most players are forehand dominant and usually care only for where they make contact with their FH shots. I do the same. I've noticed that it's easier to see the ball marks on the black rubbers. I'm guessing it's the same for other players.

You may be wondering why is there a need to look at where you make contact? I believe it matters. I've been taught to hit in the 'sweet spot' of the paddle usually found on the top/middle region. During training sessiosn I like to see where the majority of balls make contact and focus on hitting at that sweet spot.


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Re: Two color rule

I haven't heard that one. I haven't really noticed a difference, but of course I've had black on the forehand for 31 years so I haven't served with red on that side in all that time.