(Harbat) Blade "Tuning".

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OK so.... I wanted to re-surface my "Olde Number One"... my Valor Champion racquet.  Had originally shod it in Valor Premier with linen backing.  I'm thinking I'm not real big on linen backed rubber... but that's another point entirely.

What I did want to do was to ... .well....   "Stiffen" or perhaps "Harden" the blade prior to affixing the new rubber.... so, here's what I did:

First, I removed all traces of adhesive from the blade and then infused the dings and impacted areas of the blade edge with cyanocrylate adhesive (read - CRAZY GLUE).  Once that cured, I then carefully trimmed off the splintered areas and then sanded both sides of the blade smooth and flat with 180 grit paper.

After ensuring the flatness / smoothness of the surface, I then proceeded to apply 6 coats of clear lacquer, sanding with 320 silicon-carbide wet or dry paper between coats.  This effectively impregnated the wood surface... and eventually led to a very fine, almost furniture like finish on the blade overall.

Applied my glue sheets to that surface... and now await the arrival of the rubber sheets.

The overall feel of the blade is stiffer / harder... and I think with the application of non-backed rubber, will make for a bit faster a blade....as the Champion prior to having performed the aforementioned, was an extremely defensive, insanely well-controlled blade.

I really just wanted to add a wee bit more speed to it.

Hopefully, the rubber arrives today, I can affix it this afternoon and use it this evening.  Resulst will be forthcoming!

Anyone else ever "tune" their blades thusly?


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