serving the correct way

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By rule the serve must be on the palm of ur hand,above the table & behind the end line,shall not be hidden by server by stuff he or she wears, arm, & body,must go 16cm/6" and falls before u strike the ball & must go stiaght up, near veritically upwards, not from the center line to the end line, and not backwards either.without  inparted spin. I have only saw this done by one reffree/umpire's at the world tt team championships , he was calling a lot of illegal serveway to go! I have been watching player,  top player use illegal serves and reffrees/umpire's look past top player using the illegal serve's. If it goes staight up there isno problem but when the ball travel's from the center line or  the between &  the side   line, which it take a curve not a straight line upwards is illegal.

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Re: serving the correct way

It's true that many or most world-class players serve illegally, and most umpires do not call it. It's one of the more serious problems in our sport. I've blogged about this a few times since I've coached players who had to face illegal serves that the umpire would not call. The main problem is hidden serves. Other rule violations are minor compared to that.