Table Tennis Coaching Forum Rules

This is a moderated forum for discussions on table tennis, with an emphasis on table tennis coaching. I've participated for years in table tennis and other online forums, and have found that many become rather nasty because of a small percentage of posters. Forums that actively rid themselves of these posters are far more constructive than those that do not. And that is what will happen here. Be forewarned!

Postings that contain the following will likely be moderated:

  • Profanity.
  • Personal attacks, especially anonymous ones. Address what the person wrote, not the person personally, and do so politely.
  • Repetitive and/or inflammatory posts whose main purpose appears to be to annoy people.
  • Contentious discussions that aren't specifically related to table tennis, such as politics and religion.
  • Excessive posting, but only in extreme cases.
  • Excessive commercialism outside the "Marketplace" folder.
  • Links that violate the above.

We welcome discussion and opposing points of views, but let's keep it clean. Be polite and constructive with each other. Inappropriate postings will generally be deleted and the poster warned; in extreme cases, no warning will be given. Criticism is allowed, but if done anonymously or by non-USATT members, where it does not appear constructive, it may be moderated. We believe that if you wish to criticize others, you should put your name on it.

All postings must be in English as it is difficult to moderate multiple languages. Posters may not post in multiple identities; if caught, they will be banned.

There are few black and white rules for moderating, so the above are guidelines. The moderators will use judgment in their use. By posting on this forum, posters agree to abide by the rules and and decisions of the moderators. Please do not force a moderator use the Mallet of Loving Correction!

Posting here is a privilege. Those who abuse the privilege will lose it!