USA Coaching Clinics

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Coach(es) Location Notes 2013 Camp Dates
Attila Malek Santa Ana, CA 1979 U.S. Champion Attila Malek runs numerous camps at the Power Pong Table Tennis Academy.  

Steve "Pappy" Banet Sr.

Albany, IN (Bernard Hock TTC)

Does 1-3 clinics per year. For info, call 812-246-6475 or 502-291-5081



Rockville, MD Coaching clinics by four-time U.S. Women's Champion Amy Feng and Richard Bowling  
Dan Seemiller South Bend, IN Five-time U.S. Champion runs numerous camps throughout the year. Contact via email or call 574-654-7476  
Fan Yiyong Seattle, WA Former Chinese Team Member Fan Yiyong runs numerous weekend clinics  
ICC Table Tennis Center (Indian Community Center) Milpitas, CA Numerous camps throughout the year, including weekly ones all summer long. High-level local coaches as well as guest coaches at many camps. Camp info  
Lily Yip Warren, NJ Many-time U.S.Team Member and coach runs numerous camps throughout the year.  
Maryland Table Tennis Center  Gaithersburg, MD Coaching by Larry Hodges and former Chinese Team Members Cheng Yinghua and Huang Tong "Jack" Sheng. Primarily for juniors, but all ages and levels are welcome.

Dec. 26-31, 2013 (Christmas Camp)

Samson Dubina Akron and Dublin, OH U.S. Team Member Samson Dubina runs periodic camps.  
Stellan and Angie Bengtsson - "Stellangie" San Diego, CA, and other locations on west coast 1971 World Champion Stellan Bengtsson and U.S. Hall of Famer Angie Rosal Bengtsson run numerous camps both in San Diego and other location


Texas Wesleyan Forth Worth, TX Head Coach Jasna Rather  
World Champions Table Tennis Academy San Francisco, CA Coaching by Li Zhenshi, Zhang Li, Stefan Feth, and Nan Li  

International Coaching Clinics

Chinese National Table Tennis Training Hebei, China Contact them at  
Werner Schlager Academy (Site is in German) Wien, Austria    

Coaching Clinics with Larry Hodges