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Table Tennis Coaching Books

This is a rather comprehensive chronological list. If you are looking for a coaching book, you want something relatively recent. You can find most recent ones online at major table tennis distributors and major book dealers.

  • The Complete Larry Hodges Collection - listing includes non-coaching books (256 books)
  • Breaking 2000, 2012, by Alex Polyakov (ebook)
  • Table Tennis: Tips from a World Champion, 2011, by Werner Schlager and Bernd-Ulrich Gross
  • Boys Look at the Stars, by Enzo Pettinelli, 2011 (ebook)
  • Brenda Mun's Table Tennis Fundamentals, by Brenda Mun, 2010 (signed)
  • PATT: A Principles Approach to Table Tennis, by Donn Olsen with Kyongsook Kim, 2009 (signed)
  • Table Tennis: Steps to Success, by Richard McAfee, 2009 (signed)
  • Doubles, by Anne Borrowdale, 2009 (novel)
  • Advanced Coaching Manual by ITTF, 2009
  • Tops Table Tennis, by Glenn Tepper, Alois Rosario, and Wilhelmina Pruyn, 2009 (ebook)
  • Table Tennis Tactics: 7 Secrets to Playing Like a Champion, author unlisted, 2009 (ebook)
  • History of U.S. Table Tennis: Vol. IX: 1977-79, by Tim Boggan , 2009 (signed)
  • History of U.S. Table Tennis: Vol. VIII: 1975-77, by Tim Boggan, 2008 (signed)
  • Called to Serve: Memoirs of a Table Tennis Champion, by Pat Hildebrand, 2007 (signed)
  • History of U.S. Table Tennis: Vol. VII: 1973-75, by Tim Boggan, 2007 (signed)
  • History of U.S. Table Tennis: Vol. VI: 1970-73, by Tim Boggan, 2006 (signed)
  • USA Table Tennis Membership Directory 2006
  • Table Tennis Mastery, by John Kershaw, 2005 (ebook)
  • My Secret Life as a Ping-Pong Wizard, by Henry Winkler & Lin Oliver, 2005 (children's book)
  • History of U.S. Table Tennis: Vol. V: 1971-1972, by Tim Boggan, 2005 (signed)
  • History of U.S. Table Tennis: Vol. IV: 1963-1970, by Tim Boggan, 2005 (signed)
  • Table Tennis Fascination II, produced by ITTF, 2005
  • History of U.S. Table Tennis: Vol. III: 1953-1962, by Tim Boggan, 2004 (signed)
  • Table Tennis: Level 1 Coaching Manual, by Glenn Tepper & ITTF, 2003
  • History of U.S. Table Tennis: Vol. II: 1940-1952, by Tim Boggan, 2003 (signed)
  • J-O Waldner: When the Feeling Decides, by Jens Fellke, 2003 (signed by Waldner)
  • Professional Strength Training for Table Tennis, by Philip Clark, 2003
  • Table Tennis Fascination, by Takkyu Okoku, 2002 (signed)
  • Could a Tyrannosaurus Play Table Tennis? by Andrew Plant, 2002 (children's book)
  • Teaching and Coaching Table Tennis, by Deepak Jain, 2001
  • Sizzling Chops & Devilish Spins, by Jerome Charyn, 2001
  • Table Tennis in Schools Program, by Glenn Tepper, Alois Rosario & Wilhelmina Pruyn, 2001
  • ITTF 1926-2001: Table Tennis Legends, by Zdenko Uzorinac, 2001
  • History of U.S. Table Tennis: Vol. 1: 1928-1939, by Tim Boggan, 2001 (signed)
  • Ping Pong: A Play About American College Life, by H.C. Kim, 2001
  • Killer Ping-Pong, by David Lawrence, 2001
  • Table Tennis 2000: Technique with Vladimir Samsonov, by Radivoj Hudetz, 2000 (signed by Samsonov)
  • Table Tennis From A to Z, by Dimosthenis E. Messinis, 2000
  • Table Tennis: Know the Game, by Gail McCulloch, 2000
  • Zeke's Olympic Ball Games, by Jason Page, 2000 (chapter on table tennis, cover shot of Deng Yaping)
  • 50 Years of Service: The National Umpires and Referees Committee, 1950-2000, produced by Colin Clemett, 2000
  • The Mighty Walzer, by Howard Jacobson, 1999
  • Table Tennis, by Ashok Kumar, 1999
  • Learn Table Tennis in a Weekend, by Andrzej Grubba, 1998
  • Table Tennis, by Bernie Blackall, 1998
  • Train to Win, by Michel Gadal, 1997
  • Coloured Pins on a Map: Around The World With Table Tennis, by H. Roy Evans, 1997
  • Table Tennis: Best of the Best, by Inh Van Le, 1997 (signed)
  • Winning Table Tennis, by Dan Seemiller & Mark Holowchak, 1996 (signed by Seemiller)
  • Ping-Pong: Journal of the Henry Miller Library, edited by Linda Sonrisa, Toby Rowland-Jones and Magnus Toren, 1996
  • Table Tennis: Official Olympic Results, 1996
  • The Future of Table Tennis in the U.S., by Gilbert Simons, 1996
  • Not a Game for Boys, by Simon Block, 1995
  • Ping Pong, by Gail McCulloch, 1995
  • Table Tennis Education Program, by Steve Bruecker, 1995
  • Table Tennis: Know the Game, by Gail McCulloch and the English TTA, 1995
  • Tricks of the Trade for Kids, edited by Jerry Dunn (chapter on table tennis by Larry Hodges), 1994
  • Table Tennis: Steps to Success, by Larry Hodges, 1993
  • Play the Game: Table Tennis, by Donald Parker & David Hewitt, 1993
  • Table Tennis: The Early Years, by Gerald N. Gurney, 1993
  • Songs of International Friendship, by Hikosuke Tamasu, 1993 (signed)
  • Ping & Pong, by David McPhail and Dennis Lee, 1993 (child's picture book)
  • The Riddle Streak, by Susan Beth Pfeffer, 1993 (children's book)
  • Table Tennis the Sport, by Scott Preiss, 1992 (signed)
  • Newgy Robot/Player's Instructional Manual, by Larry Thoman, 1992
  • How to Coach Table Tennis, by David Hewitt, 1990
  • Table Tennis: How a New Sport Was Born, by Laszlo Bellak, 1990
  • Ping-Pong is Not Table Tennis! by Fred Tepper, 1990
  • How to Play Theological Ping-Pong, by Basil Mitchell, 1990
  • Instructor's Guide to Table Tennis, by Larry Hodges, 1989
  • Take Up Table Tennis, by Don Parker, 1989
  • How to Play Table Tennis, by Mike Shaw, 1989
  • Play the Game: Table Tennis, by Donald Parker & David Hewitt, 1989
  • Sports Action Table Tennis, Edited by Richard Taylor, 1989
  • Simple Science Experiments with Ping-Pong Balls, by Eiji Orii & Masako Irii, 1989
  • A Robot Ping-Pong Player: Experiment in Real-Time Intelligent Control, by Russell Andersson, 1988
  • Joe's Got a Head Like a Ping-Pong Ball, by Marcia & Jon Pankake,1988 (Music book)
  • Robot Adept, by Piers Anthony, 1988 (29 pages about a fantasy table tennis match)
  • Table Tennis: The Skills of the Game, by Gordon Steggall, 1986
  • Olympic Encyclopedia: Table Tennis, edited by Raymond Gafner, 1986
  • Forrest Gump, by Winston Groom, 1986
  • Fathers Playing Catch with Sons, by Donald Hall, 1986. (Chapter on table tennis)
  • The Pocket Guide to Table Tennis Tactics, by David Fairholm, 1985
  • Cub Scout Sports: Table Tennis, by USTTA, 1985
  • TSP/Robbins Sport Guide to Competitive Table Tennis, by Dan Robbins, 1985
  • Table Tennis: More Than Meets the Eye, by Jim Doney, 1985
  • 50 Years Across the Table, by Ken Wilkinson, 1984
  • Billiards, Bowling, Table Tennis, Pinball and Video Games, edited by Robert R. Craven, 1983
  • Top-Class Table Tennis, by Jill Hammersley and Donald Parker, 1983
  • Rupert and Pong Ping, by Octopus Books Limited, 1983
  • Racquet Sports: An Illustrated Guide, by Elinor Nickerson, 1982
  • Techniques of Chinese Table Tennis Players, compiled by China Sports Editorial Board, 1981
  • The Chinese Book of Table Tennis, by Ding Shu De, Zhu Qing Zuo, Wang Lian Fang & Yuan Hai Lu, 1981
  • How To Play Table Tennis, by Peter Simpson, 1981
  • Acrobats and Ping Pong, by Isobel Willcox, 1981
  • Spens '81, by Budimir Vojinovic, 1981 (series of table tennis cartoons)
  • Winning at Table Tennis with Desmond Douglas, by Desmond Douglas, 1980
  • Successful Table Tennis, by Peter Simpson, 1980
  • Murray's Guide to Table Tennis, by Noel Shorter, 1979
  • The Science of Table Tennis, by Brian Burn, 1979
  • Halex Book of Modern Table Tennis, by Denis Neale, 1978
  • The Other Racket Sports, by Dick Squires, 1978
  • Enjoying Racket Sports, by the Diagram Group, 1978
  • Table Tennis Now, by Barry Hayward and Phil Burwell, 1978
  • Ball Games, by Nigel Viney and Neil Grant, 1978 (chapter on table tennis)
  • Advanced Table Tennis Techniques, by Chester Barnes, 1977
  • Table Tennis, by Harold Myers, 1977
  • Winning Table Tennis, by Tim Boggan, 1976 (signed)
  • National School Table Tennis Guide, by Fred Danner, 1976
  • Table Tennis is Fun, by Maureen O'Bryan & Eric Ford, 1976
  • Table Sports, by Joe Marcus, 1976
  • Teach Yourself Table Tennis, by Jack Carrington, 1976
  • Table Tennis, by David Phillip, 1975
  • Table Tennis, by Leslie Woolard, 1975
  • Tackle Table Tennis, by John Hilton, 1975 & 1985
  • Play Table Tennis, by Martin Sklorz, 1975
  • Sports Illustrated Table Tennis, by Dick Miles, 1974
  • The Money Player, by Marty Reisman, 1974 (signed)
  • Revolutionary China: People, Politics and Ping-Pong, by Ruth Sidel, 1974
  • Victor Barna, by Philip Reid, 1974
  • The Will to Win: Dragutin Surbek, by Stjepan Kljuic-Branin, 1973 (English version)
  • Table Tennis: Know the Game, by English Table Tennis Association, 1973
  • Topspin, by David Clark (child's fiction story on table tennis), 1973
  • Play Better Table Tennis, by Peter Simpson, 1973
  • Captivity: How I Survived 44 Months as a Prisoner of the Red Chinese, by Mary Ann Harbert, 1973
  • Better Table Tennis for Boys and Girls, by George Sullivan, 1972
  • Advanced Table Tennis, by Jack Carr, 1972
  • The Book of Table Tennis, by Glenn Cowan, 1972
  • Modern Table Tennis Tactics, by Chester Barnes, 1972
  • Ping Pong by John Waterhouse, 1972 (A play about table tennis, ebook)
  • Ping Pong to China, by Dr. John Jackson, 1971
  • Your Book of Table Tennis, by Victor Barna, 1971
  • Table Tennis for the 'Seventies, by Johnny Leach, 1971
  • Table Tennis Made Easy, by Johnny Leach, 1971
  • EP Sport Table Tennis, by Martin Sklorz, 1971
  • The Youngest Son, Autobiography of Ivor Montagu, 1970 (signed)
  • The Way to the Top Table Tennis, by Denis Neale, 1970
  • Progressive Table Tennis, by Jack Carrington, 1970
  • More Than a Match, by Chester Barnes, 1969
  • Better Table Tennis, by Johnny Leach, 1969
  • Advanced Table Tennis, by Jack Carr, 1969
  • The Game of Table Tennis, by Dick Miles, 1968
  • The Ogimura Seminar of Table Tennis, by Dell Sweeris, 1968
  • Table Tennis, by Ruffard Harrison & Margaret Varner, 1967
  • Teach Yourself Books: Table Tennis, by Geoffrey Harrower, 1966
  • Table Tennis, by Diane Rowe, 1965
  • Table Tennis, Ping Pong, by Si Wasserman, 1963
  • Table Tennis Today, by Victor Barna, 1962
  • Table Tennis Complete, by Johnny Leach, 1960
  • Instructions in Table Tennis, by Harry Venner, 1960
  • Table Tennis, by Eric Hyde, 1960
  • It's All in the Game, by James Shea, 1960
  • Table Tennis - A New Approach, by Ken Stanley, 1959
  • Tackle Table Tennis This Way, by Ann Haydon, 1958
  • How to Win at Table Tennis, by Victor Barna, 1957
  • Boys' Book of All Sports, edited by W.J. Hicks, 1957 (several chapters on table tennis)
  • Ping Pong, by Parker Brothers, 1956
  • Table Tennis My Way, by Johnny Leach, 1955
  • Ping Pong: A Play, by Arthur Adamov, 1955
  • The Twins on Table Tennis, by Diane and Rosalind Rowe, 1955
  • How To Become a Champion At Table Tennis, by Miklos Svabados, 1954
  • Table Tennis Sports Activity Book, by William P. Gottlieb, 1954
  • Table Tennis Illustrated, by Douglas Cartland, 1953
  • Young Readers Indoor Sports Stories, by Charles Coombs (fiction story on table tennis), 1952
  • Table Tennis For All, by Johnny Leach, 1951
  • Know the Game of Table Tennis, produced by English Table Tennis Association, 1951
  • Twenty-One Up, by Richard Bergmann, 1950
  • Boys' Book of All Sports, edited by W.J. Hicks, 1950 (several chapters on table tennis)
  • Your Book of Table Tennis, by William P. Gottlieb, 1949?
  • Table Tennis, by Coleman Clark, 1948
  • Rule Book Badminton Table Tennis Squash, produced by A.G. Spalding, 1947
  • Top-Notch Table Tennis, by Emily Fuller, 1942
  • Table Tennis, by Jay Purves, 1942
  • Table Tennis, A Guide for Beginners and Enthusiasts, by Eric Hyde, 1940
  • The Ping-Pong Game, by William Saroyan, 1939
  • Table Tennis Comes of Age, by Sol Schiff, 1939
  • Modern Table Tennis, by Jack Carrington, 1939 (revised version in 1960)
  • How to Play Table Tennis, by Coleman Clark, 1938
  • Table Tennis, by Coleman Clark, 1938
  • Table Tennis, by Ivor Montagu, 1937
  • Games and Recreation Series: Table Tennis, by Ivor Montagu, 1936
  • Success at Table Tennis, by Istvan Kelen, 1936
  • The New Hoyle Standard Games, by Paul Seymour, 1936 (section on ping pong)
  • Table Tennis, by M.A. Symons, 1935
  • Lawn Tennis & Table Tennis, by Vantage, 1935
  • Popular Sports, by Frank Collins, 1935 (chapter on ping pong)
  • Table Tennis, by Arthur Waite, 1933(?)
  • Table Tennis Tactics, by William R. Stewart, 1933
  • Modern Ping-Pong and How to Play It, by Coleman Clark, 1933
  • Ping-Pong, Game, Tactics, and Laws, by Cornelius Schaad, 1930
  • Ping Pong, by Cornelius Schaad, 1930
  • A Manual of Ping-Pong, the Game, Its Tactics and Laws, by Cornelius G. Schaad, 1928
  • Table Tennis, by the American Sports Publishing Company, 1902
  • Ping-Pong, The Game & How to Play It, by Arnold Parker, 1902
  • A Handbook to Ping Pong: Table Tennis And How To Play It With Rules Illustrated, by J.G. Ritchie and Walter Harrison, 1902

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