February 13, 2014


We have 15 inches of snow here in Germantown, MD, and it's still coming down, though slower than before. A member of our club, Hubert Noah Essomba, has been building this giant sled and collecting two of every style - two loopers, two hitters, two blockers, two choppers, etc. (Noah is from Cameroon, and was ranked #697 in the ITTF world rankings before dropped off the list in September, 2012, presumably to build his mighty sled.) This morning they all sledded off, leaving the rest of us to freeze in the snow. Except, of course, we have heated houses and heated table tennis clubs, so perhaps we'll survive after all.

Since everyone else in the region is taking the day off, I'm taking the day off too, and plan to spend it reading in bed and fighting the urge to go outside and build a snowpingpongball. So no blog this morning, other than this biblical ping-pong account of snowmageddon.

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