April 1, 2015

My Next Table Tennis Book - "Ping Pong for Quitters"
(NOTE - For those how missed it when this went up on April 1, the day afterwards bolded certain letters in the below!)

After much thought, I've decided on my next major writing project. Recently the book
Ping Pong for Fighters came out, by Tahl Leibovitz. It does a great job for those
really into working hard, those who fight for every point. But what about the rest of us?
I'm talking about those of us who don't have the gumption to fight so much, but still
like to win.

For most of us, we long ago gave up on our dreams for the realities of a harsh world,
one where our aspirations have long been crushed and ping-pong stardom is not an
option. We'll never be champions. And yet most coaching articles and books are for those
lucky ones who do have what it takes to be a champion. But what about us forgotten
souls who have given up, the quitters of the world? We like to win just as much, thank you.

And so I've decided my next book will be "Ping Pong for Quitters." This book will teach
point-winning tactics and strategies for the rest of us, us quitters of the world who
really want to win, but without trying so hard. It'll be for those who don't want to fight,
instead looking to win the easiest way possible. This book will be for us, the more
lethargic of the world, who want to win but without moving or rushing about.

Fighting for every point is fine for some people, but not everyone. So it is for the rest
of us that I dedicate and write this book. I am also planning a sequel to my tactics book,
only this time for those of us who are not thinkers: "Table Tennis Tactics for Stupid People."
"Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired." Those words were
spoken by Jules Renard, the famous French writer. We should learn from him.

New York Cosmos Ping-Pong Challenge

Here's the video (4:46) - this prank is great! Cosmos coach Alecko Eskandarian is set up with a match against undercover 13-year-old Estee Ackerman, #8 in the U.S. in under 14 girls with a 1931 rating. She starts out playing left-handed, but watch what happens after she falls behind 0-3! (Here's another video (4:24) linked to two weeks ago, the New York Cosmos 3rd Annual Ping Pong Tournament.)

Breaking News Stories

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Ask the Coach

Episode #107 (23:55) - Ma Long's Forehand (and other segments).


Here's 45 seconds of the 2-1 multiball drill. Why can't you do this? But I thought this angle really shows the amount of topspin on each shot, and how quickly this forces the ball to drop. In particular, watch how she generates topspin on the backhand. You can't hit like this with a hardbat!!!

Butterfly Cary Cup at Triangle Table Tennis

Here's the feature article on the recent 4-star tournament by Tim Boggan.

College Table Tennis

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One of the Greatest Points

Here's the rally (39 sec) - and note their reaction afterwards.

I Have No Idea What This Is

But here it is. I think it's a reflection on man's inhospitality to the infirmity of man and striped ties and the overarching domination of the almighty dollar in a world of masked gunmen and smokestacks. Or maybe it's just a ping-pong doodle.

Spinster Pong

Here's the picture - though I have no idea if the name fits, but it's just an interesting picture.

Oops. Thought It Was a Ball

Here's the picture!

Peekaboo Pong

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