December 28, 2015 - You're Your Yore

Every part of your game has a history. If you are a longtime player, you should be able to look at any serve or stroke in your game and remember its history – how it started, how it developed, and where it stands today. If you are a more recent player, it’s even easier as it’s all fresh in your mind since you’ve just started.

The key thing to remember is that your history changes constantly; you are in control of it. Why not take an inventory of your game – all of it – and think about how it got to be where it is, and then, more importantly, think about where it should be. Then begin the history that’ll lead to it being where it should be. Develop your yore.

Suppose your pushes are consistent, but not very heavy. Why aren’t they heavy? Because you have a history of not pushing heavy, and every time you don’t push heavy, you re-enforce the nonheaviness habit of your pushes. So work on pushing heavy, begin to do it, and eventually you’ll have a history of pushing heavy – and it’ll be where it should be. And then you’ll be able to look back at the history of your push, and note that moment in time when you began to create a history of pushing heavy, and so developed that as part of your game.

Every aspect of your game has a history, and you have control over developing the history that leads to each aspect. Take control of this history and develop your game to where it should be. You’re your yore.