December 29, 2016 - What Are Your Main Weapons?

What are the best weapons in your game, or in the game that you want to develop? Think this over, and perhaps write them down. Then consider this: How do you get these weapons into play? How do you follow-up these weapons to make sure you win the point?

If your best weapon is a put-way shot, then you need ways to set up this shot. If your best weapon is a rallying shot, then you need ways to force these types of rallies. If your best weapon is your serve, then you need ways to follow it up, or the serve is wasted. (If you rely on the opponent outright missing against your serve or popping it up over and over, then you are facing weaker players and need to aim for higher competition.)

Some players have one overpowering strength that they rely on, such as a big forehand loop. But a big forehand loop doesn't help a lot if you don't have serves, receives, and rallying shots to set it up, and the footwork to get into position for it. Some have multiple strengths, such as a serve and follow, making their game twice as deadly. Decide what yours are (or should be), and develop them into deadly weapons that you set up, use, and follow up on over and over.

Ideally, develop three types of overpowering strengths: serve and receive (which start every rally); rallying shots; and attacking/put-away shots. Then go out and terrorize opponents with your triple-threat weapons!