April 1, 2017

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How The Swedes Will Beat the Chinese Again
Ake Waldner visited MDTTC this past Saturday, spending the day watching our
players train. He is the brother of former Swedish superstar Jan-Ove Waldner, and was
recently named Head Coach of the Swedish National Men’s Team. Our players had some
interesting questions, of course. Sweden had battled with China for decades, with such
legendary players as Bengtsson, Persson, Appelgren, and of course Waldner.

First question, of course, was rather straightforward – how could Sweden, USA,
or any other team possibly beat China? I’ve always argued that if we use the same
orthodox techniques that make the Chinese so good, we’ll always be just a pale
likeness, with no chance of matching them.

Ake agreed with me! And it turns out the Swedes are working on new techniques,
practicing things that might allow them to beat the Chinese. Serve, receive, and
rallies – you have to win at all three, Ake said. The Swedish team had bought
into the new concepts, and have spent many countless hours preparing for their
likely showdown with the Chinese at the upcoming World Championships.

First, they’ve developed a revolutionary new serving technique. Ake demonstrated
over and over his ability to serve on the edge. He’d stand in his backhand side,
open his racket, and just tap the ball down the line. The ball would hit the edge and
lurch to the side, unreturnable unless you basically lobbed it up, an easy smash.

As if that weren’t enough, they had also developed new receive techniques,
pushing short balls back with a soft touch so they’d just teeter on the net, and then
roll over, unreturnable. The Chinese rely on these short serves to set up their crazy,
insane attacks. Now they’d be forced to serve long, and the Swedes would easily
loop those serves in for winners.

Finally, Ake showed me what they were doing to win actual rallies. The ITTF
ordained a few years ago that “unintentional” double-hits were now legal, though
of course there’s no way of judging that. The Swedish players had, amazingly,
learned to do double hits off their knuckles – crazy, unreturnable shots!

Anyway, we learned a lot from Ake Waldner during his day-long stay. He even
played a little with our very best juniors, though of course none of them were
ready for this non-stop barrage of edges, net dribbles, and double-hits. Basically,
it was a slaughter! I actually feel sort of sorry for the Chinese now – it’s too
late for them to copy these techniques or learn to play against them.

For what it’s worth, I think these new techniques will ruin the game. Isn’t the
object of the game is to win on real skill, not with silly tricks? Maybe I’m just
old-fashioned, and maybe this is the future of our sport. If it is, then I’m
likely to quit coaching. It just isn’t the same.

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