October 2, 2017 - Top Ten Tactical Serving Mistakes

  1. Not enough variation.
  2. Serving to the backhand over and Over and OVER.
  3. Always serving from the same spot, usually from the backhand corner.
  4. Not serving with a purpose.
  5. Always serving with heavy spin, without using no-spin as a variation (where you fake heavy spin – “heavy no-spin”).
  6. Telegraphing your serves by how you set up or start your motion.
  7. Too often serving long to loopers or short to quick players.
  8. Not trying out all your main serves early on to find out what works.
  9. Saving your trickiest serves for when it’s close, instead of using them early so it doesn’t get close, and then using them again as needed.
  10. Not understanding the basic concept that you should essentially ALWAYS serve and attack UNLESS the receiver does something to stop you from doing so.