October 23, 2017 - Top Sixteen Reasons Players Don’t Improve

I really tried narrowing this down, but this could just as easily have been a Top 50 list. As with past lists, these are not necessarily in order of importance.

  1. Bad technique.
  2. Deep down they don’t believe they can play at a higher level and so continue to only play shots at their current level.
  3. They keep practicing the same things rather than work on what’s keeping them from improving.
  4. They don’t use Saturation Training to fix weaknesses.
  5. They don’t know The Book on Your Game.
  6. They don’t develop good third-ball attack serves to improve their attack.
  7. They don’t make it a habit to serve and attack.
  8. They don’t work with a coach and practice partner regularly.
  9. They focus on power instead of consistency and placement.
  10. They don’t develop their game tactically (what to do in a given match) and strategically (developing your game for the future).
  11. They don’t develop an overpowering strength that opponents will fear.
  12. They don’t make moving their feet a habit.
  13. They don’t analyze their wins and losses to see what works and what doesn’t.
  14. They don’t follow the Seven Habits of Highly Effective Table Tennis Players.
  15. They aren’t perfectionists.
  16. They don’t know How to Move Up a Level