October 7, 2019 - Top Ten Reasons You Might Not Be as Good at Table Tennis as You Could Be

  1. You have faced really good serves and yet have made no serious attempt to learn them yourself.
  2. You don't think you have enough talent, when long-term training almost always overcomes any such lack of talent.
  3. You've mistaken your bad playing habits for playing style.
  4. You've developed playing habits that allow you to win now against players around your level, but don't work well against stronger players, and you simply can't bring yourself to change the way you play and risk losing against your peers.
  5. You mostly play games instead of doing drills that focus on specific aspects of the game that you need to work on.
  6. You are too nervous in tournament or league matches because you've never studied Sports Psychology.
  7. You are strongly opinionated about how the game is played and so don't learn from coaches and top players.
  8. You have the physical fitness of a couch potato.
  9. You don't practice as much as you should - which not only would make you better, but would improve your physical fitness.
  10. You have nice strokes but don't really know how to use them. See Learning to Win, or perhaps a book on Tactics - like Table Tennis Tactics for Thinkers!