August 23, 2021 - Forehand Position for Backhands

When playing close to the table, you have very little time to make a transition from forehand to backhand shots, and vice versa. If you are playing a relatively quick backhand or in a fast rally, there's no need to go into a backhand stance for this shot. Therefore, learn to play this shot from a slight forehand stance, with the right leg (for right-handers) slightly back. That way you'll be able to make a quicker transition both to the backhand and to the forehand. (You should still rotate the body to the left, allowing you to still play a strong backhand.) It's only when you have more time to play a more powerful backhand (in a slower rally or from further off the table) that you might want to stand more neutral, or even (when you have time) in a backhand stance. Note that even in this slightly forehand stance, if you are facing crosscourt (i.e. crosscourt to the opponent's backhand, assuming both are righties), then you are essentially in a neutral stance anyway, with your body perpendicular to that crosscourt line.