October 17, 2022

Tip of the Week
The Yin and Yang of Serving.

Cary Cup Open
I spent the weekend coaching at the Cary Cup at the Triangle Badminton and Table Tennis Club in Cary, NC. Here are complete results of the tournament, care of Omnipong. I was coaching two players, Todd Klinger and Christian Funderberg. I can't really go into details of most of the coaching – call it coach-player privilege – but here are some highlights. Ojo dominates the big events!

  • Yes, if you miss your own serve twice a game, you drop about 100 rating points in level. (It cost us at least two matches.)
  • No, the match is not over if you are up 2-0 in games (twice), or up 9-6, 9-7, or 9-8 in deciding game, or up match point in deuce twice. It was one of those weekends.
  • Yes, in fact, you most certainly should attack the middle and forehand and stop going to the player's really good backhand.
  • No, don't think about the shot, just do it.
  • Yes, it's lucky that Christian and I had the same size shoes and so when his literally broke apart while he was playing, he was able to borrow mine.
  • No, just because he's playing with a hardbat doesn't mean it's going to be an easy match.
  • Yes, if the opponent is a passive receiver, we're going to take advantage of it.
  • No, you cannot call a let after the point is over. (Todd and Christian didn't do this – they know better.)
  • Yes, we discussed and solved every philosophical issue on the five-hour drive home. Later we will publish our annotated discussions in the New York Times.

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