Dec. 12, 2022 - Should You Use a Super-Fast Racket? 

Many beginning and intermediate players want a blazing fast racket, not realizing how much this is hurting their games. There are three problems with using a super-fast racket. First, it is simply too fast for most players to control. Second, since the ball flies off so fast, you get less spin, which makes your own shots, especially loops, less spinny. And third, since the ball shoots off so fast, players tend to stroke less, and end up developing poor stroking habits.

In general, only highly advanced players should use super-fast rackets, and even few of them choose to do so. (They generally prefer fast, flexible blades for looping, but not super-fast.) Instead, try one in the medium to fast range, but lay off the super-fast ones. Slow ones are for beginners and defensive players. (But even beginners should start with at least a medium-fast blade – you don’t want the ball dying off your racket.)

While most players should avoid super-fast blades, this doesn't mean you should avoid highly advance sponges that give extra spring to your shots. They actually make looping easier and can lead to rapid improvement. This is especially true if you are working with a coach, at least initially, who can make sure you use these advanced sponges properly.

On the other hand, if you are addicted to speed and are willing to lose a few matches in return for this exhilarating speed - then go for a super-fast blade and have fun!

If you aren't sure what racket to choose, ask a top player, coach, or a dealer. The major dealers all have equipment experts to help you with this. Ask to speak with one!