November 24, 2011


JOOLA North American Teams

For those that missed it, yesterday I did a special on the Teams, with links to articles, tips on how to play well, and video. Don't be a turkey; read and watch all of it!

The Turkey Theory of Forehands and Backhands

Players who are turkeys develop very strong forehands and weak backhands, or vice versa. Sometimes their weaker side isn't really that weak, it's just not that strong. If you have a weaker side, why not make it a goal to turn your weak/average/somewhat strong side into an overpowering strength? You can do it; simply choose not to be a turkey.

Turkey, Table Tennis, and Tong Tong

(The following is a reprint from Sept. 8, 2011 - but it seems rather timely now, especially for those of you competing in the Teams, who might eat a turkey sandwich before a match.)
I've had several cases over the years of a student eating a turkey sandwich for lunch at a tournament, and getting sleepy afterwards. This is presumably because of the relatively high levels of L-Tryptophan in turkey. Now this is controversial - while there's no question L-Tryptophan can cause drowsiness, it supposedly only happens if given almost in pure form on an empty stomach. Regardless, I've had enough bad experiences with this that I warn all my students never to eat turkey during a tournament until they are done playing for the day. For example, I was coaching U.S. Cadet Team Member Tong Tong Gong at a tournament last year. He had a turkey sandwich for lunch. When he had to play soon afterwards, he complained of sleepiness, said he could barely keep his eyes open. I took him into the restroom to splash cold water on his face, and it helped somewhat. He struggled for a couple matches before he felt alert again.

Marathon Training, Ping-Pong, and Turkeys

This is probably the only article ever that combines these three topics. Plus a bonus picture of a bearded Forrest Gump running.

Turkish Table Tennis

They call it Turkish Table Tennis (1:03), but it looks to me like a game of Around the World with some dancing thrown in.

Canada vs. Turkey: A Ping-Pong Odyssey

Yes, the long-awaited clash between these two table tennis powers (2:52).

Thanksgiving at the Ping-Pong Place

For Thanksgiving dinner, there's nothing like grandma serving a roasted Robo-Pong with ping-pong ball stuffing.

Turkey Table Tennis

Really! Winner gets the turkeyball.

Turkey Table Tennis with a Real Turkey

Are you ready to cut up a turkey with a blade, and serve it? Well, this turkey also has a blade and he's also ready to serve. (It's just a larger version of the turkey at the top.)  Happy Thanksgiving!


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